Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Visit @ApparmoAR at the "Leaders In Digital Sport" Summit

Apparmo Limited Attending Leaders In Digital Sport Summit

at Chelsea FC in London

Apparmo Ltd, one of the UK’s fastest growing Mobile Marketing Consultancies with its own AR (Augmented Reality) App, is delighted to confirm that they will be attending “Leaders In Digital Sport Summit” at Chelsea FC in London, on the 9th and 10th October, 2013.
This is a great opportunity to meet members of the Apparmo UK team and discuss the latest trends and technologies in mobile marketing. Apparmo’s consultants will be happy to show visitors how Augmented Reality Advertising can play an exciting and essential role in mobile marketing strategies.
“Get on board now – the Mobile ‘ship’ is sailing!”
Visit the Apparmo stand to find out what’s happening in AR and how they can help define and deliver Augmented Reality (AR) advertising and other mobile marketing strategies.
Apparmo is growing rapidly and working with some exciting names across a diverse range of industry sectors including (but not limited to), sports promotion, technology, publishing and financial services.
Apparmo is your Virtual Team! They listen to the client and consumer alike, they live and breathe creativity and they are committed to enhancing the Mobile Experience, interacting daily with thousands of amazing fans and followers on their social media platforms, they grant  access to the latest, exciting and most appropriate mobile solutions, fully branded to their clients requirements.

Business owners interested in learning more about Apparmo’s offerings and experience can visit www.apparmo.com 

Or contact Apparmo on 0800 669 6266 or 0207 877 0070 or info@apparmo.com

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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

We are your Virtual Team!

You need a strategy

Mobile Marketing is still in its infancy and nearly 70% of large companies don't have a strategy yet.
Jump forward 5 years and its not hard to imagine that mobile devices have replaced many pc's (in countries like India the pc is being by-passed in favour of smartphones).
Get on board now - the Mobile 'ship' is sailing!

How big do we go?

We have product inclusive consultancy packages to suit ​any size of business from the local bar wishing to engage with its customers & keep them up to date with upcoming events to the largest multi-divisional international companies who need their varied content to be region specific while triggering from global images such as corporate logos and branding.

Branding & Identity

AR advertising via smartphones is all about brand promotion and customer engagement. Reach out to your targeted audience in their daily lives via simple yet entertaining AR 'Klips' or with jaw dropping 3D / CGI generated AR content that elevates your Brand and affirms your market Identity above your peers who are not yet plugged into 21st Century Marketing.

Social Media inclusive

Mobile Marketing at its best is a holistic customer engagement strategy that reaches out to your target audience via their smartphones into all their social media platforms. More people are accessing Facebook & Twitter via their mobile phones so we offer Social Media inclusive solutions as part of your overall, bespoke, mobile marketing strategy.

We're your virtual team!

It's simple. Your business is running your business. Keeping up to date with rapidly evolving technologies and an ever increasing number of mobile platforms is a full-time specialist occupation. That's where Apparmo step in. We provide excellent advice & bespoke products & services at a price significantly less than it would cost for you to achieve in-house.

Mobile Marketing Sense 

Don't be overwhelmed by the variety of options for connecting with customers via mobile marketing. We are here to help!
Apparmo offer both propriety and vendor agnostic solutions that cut out resource wasting and build in clear ROI sensitive roadmaps for maximising customer engagement & loyalty.
We know the territory, let us be your guide!

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Monday, 12 August 2013

Metaio & Audi AG Release Interactive Augmented Reality Manual

"Experience the range of functions your Audi has to offer in a new dimension with the help of augmented reality. The Audi eKurzinfo app helps you learn and understand more about your vehicle.
This application is currently only available for the Audi A1, Audi A3 and Audi S3 (from model year 2012 onwards)."